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Natural vaginal suppositories that may assist in maintaining a healthy vagina. This product may assist in leveling a normal pH from yeast, vaginal odors, and bacterial vaginosis. You may also benefit from using a suppository after intercourse and towards the end of your menstrual cycle. This product has POWER and may keep you feeling and smelling fresh! 


Directions: With clean hands, place 1 capsule on applicator and insert to your vagina at bedtime. Wear a light pantiliner as you will see a little discharge. Use as needed for up to 14 days. Always place suppository after you empty your bladder for the BEST results. Recommended dosage: Vaginal odor- use for up to 3-5 days. Bacterial Vaginosis- use for up to 7 days. Yeast infections: use for up to 14 days. After intercourse- use up to 1-2 days (this is not to be replaced with Plan B or Birth control). 

This kit comes with 14 capsules & 14 applicators 







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