Yoni Steaming

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Enjoy a customized steam in our private Royalty Room with an amazing vibe.

30 Mins: Yoni Steam and Womb Tea 


30 Mins w/ aromatherapy: Yoni Steam, Aromatherapy, and Womb Tea 




Womb Tea- An herbal tea blend customized to nourish the womb, strengthen the uterus, and cleanse the body from harmful toxins.


Aromatherapy- A holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote a therapeutic healthy well being.




Steam Description


Yoni Detox- a loose herbal blend detox that aids in womb health and vaginal cleansing. This herbal blend is mostly used post menstrual and post sexual intercourse.


Fertility Steam- A loose herbal blend intended to enhance fertility and/ balance hormones


Libido Steam- A loose herbal blend that will revitalize your sex life and increase vaginal lubricant


Pure Yoni- A loose herbal blend that will keep the yoni pure from common bacterial infections women endure


Postpartum Steam- A loose herbal blend that helps cleanse any leftover material from the uterus after childbirth and leave mom feeling fresh and clean. (Schedule 6 weeks after child birth)

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